Big Tech monopolies are actively
monetizing your personal data at an
accelerating pace. It's time to put an end to this.

We believe that people deserve respect and
privacy on their mobile devices and communication.

Illustration of the Lunar Open Mobile Platform

About the Lunar OMP

The Lunar OMP is an open-source mobile OS based on the Android Open Source Project and it’s a result of our continuous R&D efforts for more than a decade.

It includes every component a mobile device requires to operate on its own without relying on 3rd party infrastructure or technology: dedicated hardware, android based de-googled OS and App suite.

Explore the Building Blocks of The Lunar OMP

Logo Lunar OS

is a custom-built, 100% secure OS that ensures privacy. Lunar OS has no connectivity checks with Google servers, and no connection with the Google's NTP and DNS servers.

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Logo Lunar Network

is a collection of public and self-hosted versions of Google’s services for mobile phones. All server data is encrypted and purged at regular intervals.

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Logo Lunar Protocol

is an upgrade of the double-ratchet protocol for secure communications. It is an encrypted, real-time protocol that is open and available to all.

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Logo Lunar Appstore

is a free alternative to Google Play without user profiling.

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Logo Lunar Updater

is the community version of our MDM to configure and update mobile phones.

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Logo Lunar Hardware

is the hardware and software dev kit that allows developers to create secure mobile devices.

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