The Foundation’s Pillars


Focuses on transparency through open source, eco-friendly environment, data and digital rights, and freedom of choice.


Prioritizes key technologies that protect our personal communications and data from digital attacks.

Respect for

Raises awareness and strives to mitigate the prominent risk from Big Tech collecting, analyzing, storing and monetizing on personal data.


Fosters a healthy relationship with technology without harming personal life and interactions.

Equitable Working

Ensures the implementation of a framework that promotes accountability, security, fulfilment, respect and an ethical workplace to balance workers rights and responsibilities.

Mobile technology came as a mean to connect societies, enable communication without borders, and facilitate exponential business growth and globalization. With time it became a big player in entertainment and education. Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives. They support our businesses, ease day-to-day communications, and help us share our thoughts and feelings.

They also give us full-time access to the web so we can constantly express ourselves and satisfy the need for connection and belonging, that’s wired in human existence. Such technology may have enriched our lives, but it also placed unprecedented risks in front of us and challenges we’ve never faced before as a global society. Data acquired through mobile connection is one of the world’s most valuable asset, but it’s still an unregulated resource that includes storage, usage, and can easily lead to exploitation.

Illustration of a girl happily using her mobile device

Our Vision

To establish and ensure digital sovereignty to mobile phone users.

Illustration of a mobile device in a construction site

Our Mission

To develop and enable the building blocks to foster an ethical and secure mobile ecossystem through continuous education and innovation.