Foundation Leadership

The Good Phone Foundation is
a non-profit organization (NGO)
managed through an open governance process.

The foundation activities are structured in several tracks:

  1. Development of the core technology;
  2. Management of the governance model;
  3. Promotion of the pillars as described in our manifesto.

Most of the so-called “open-source” foundations
claim project neutrality, while at the same time accepting generous donations from Big Tech. The Directors of the Good Phone Foundation (a.k.a. Guardians) are appointed to write policies and guide initiatives that influence the development of better technology and to provide a balance of independent experts to ensure that neutrality and impartiality is preserved.

Foundation Governance

The foundation’s leaders come from a broad range
of backgrounds and have a diversity of expertise
and experience that spans science and technology,
communications, law, and business. Our leaders are guided
by the foundation’s aim to create a world in which every
person can make a stand for their inherent human
right to privacy.

Technology Guardian

Guardians create the right governance models and structures that support the technology programs supported by the Foundation. Improved privacy and security are two of the four pillars in the Foundation’s manifesto. Dominic has over 20 years of experience leading organizations focused on cybersecurity, personal privacy, and technology development.He is responsible for ensuring the technology programs leverage innovation in a responsible and sustainable way.

technology guardian

Dominic Gingras

Founder Technology Program Leader

Community Program Leads

The Community Program Leads are key to
building a healthy and engaged community
that believe in the Foundation’s pillars

Mobile for Good Summit

with a single global event focusing on mobile cybersecurity, personal privace, data protection, and digital well-being.

Mobile for Good

Guides & News

to raise awareness for the major issues: digital autonomy for individuals and sovereignty for organizations and goverments.

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Dev Community

provide developers and technology startups with a code base and tools to leverage Lunar as a privacy and cybersecurity mobile platform.

Dev Community


These key-players direct our efforts and lead projects toward real-life privacy and security problems that resonate with end-customers.

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