Wisephone is a pure and simple phone that calls, texts and has a few basic tools, but no social media, ads, or access to anything addictive or distracting.

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About the Project

Wisephone equipped with Maps (no tracking), Camera , Dialer, Secure Messaging (SMS, MMS), a Clock (timer, alarm, stopwatch, world clock) and a Famliy Portal to ensure your kids only have access to the essentials of a phone. Call history, text messages, and location information are accessible on the Family Portal at all times.

Chris Kaspar, the founder of Techless


About Chris

Chris Kaspar is an entrepreneur, leader in the creation of healthy tech and the face behind Wisephone, a pure and simple phone for intentional people. Chris is married to his wife, Ciera, and is the father of four playful girls. Chris and Ciera have been foster parents for a handful of beautiful kids and the family live for a deeper purpose.

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