Brax2 is a privacy-friendly device, completely degoogled and developed for those who are looking for a less intrusive solution for mobile communications.

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About the Project

The phone is ad-free, tracking-free, and provides a phone experience completely outside of Big Tech. Braxphone utilizes the full Lunar OMP infrastructure, and in addition, it’s integrated with pre-installed open-sourced applications focused on privacy.

Rob Braxman, the founder of Brax


About Rob

Rob Braxman is known as the Internet Privacy Guy. He calls himself a public interest hacker and technologist. The tech-commentator uses his extensive cybersecurity knowledge and expertise to serve the public good. His content is educational, informative, transparent and mainly shared on his privacy-focused Youtube channel. Rob explicitly advises watchers on topics such as: digital manipulation, disinformation and mass surveillance.

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