Simple Phone was developed for people that wish to "unplug" from the overwhelming digital ecosystem when using their phones. It is a streamlined, ad-free phone that carries out basic phone functions. The phone comes with a suite of basic apps such dialer, SMS messenger, gallery, calculator so you can have access to the essentials of your phone without being exposed to all of the other content and applications.

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About the Project

Simple Phone is an open-source project that keeps all your sensitive data private and puts the user first by leaving out any corporate interests.

The mobile device utilizes the whole Lunar OMP and sends frequent OTA security updates to keep it as secure as possible.

Simplephone also comes preloaded with Simple Mobile Tools and nothing else. No bloatware and ready to go out of the box.

Tibor Kaputa, Ecosystem Program Lead in The Good Phone Foundation

Tibor Kaputa

About Tibor Kaputa

Tibor is an experienced android developer and the mind behind Simple Mobile Tools, a set of privacy-friendly and open-source applications that are designed to replace preinstalled programs such as contacts, calendar, gallery and more. Combining his knowledge and our technology, Tibor launched Simple Phone.

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